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Zurich 2111 Concept by Studio Trixer

Zurich 2111 is a concept assigned by studio Trixer to Carlos Agell. He was assigned to create a vision of Zurich in 2111 for an advertising campaign. The main characteristic of this concept design is the trees in which the designer has been told not to be so extreme nor apocalyptic but try to keep the green character of the city. This idea looks amazing and honestly it would be great if any city implement this concept and make it real.

Studio Trixer Team

Philip Courtiers
focus studies visual communication, animation, art + design college in lucerne (HSLU) + carpenterdiploma

Sven Fielitz
Studies av – media design focus photography + film academy in Stuttgart

Kaspar Wyss
Focus studies visual communication, animation, art + design college in lucerne (HSLU) + design engineer diploma

Imanuel Wagner
Focus studies visual communication, animation, art + design college in lucerne (HSLU)

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