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Zaha Hadid’s Most Celebrated work: MAXXI

The MAXXI Museum stands for National Museum of the Arts of the Twenty First (XXI) Century . It is located in Rome, Italy and was designed by architect, Zaha Hadid.The total surface area of the lot is about 29,000 sq meters. It is a building that challenges us to change our way of perceiving things and see the traditional exhibition space with a different point of view. In this magnificent place of bold contrasts and tangled lines, the art and architecture of our time can be experienced in a whole new level.

The exterior space of the museum functions as a vivid urban area, friendly to the general public.

The hall reveals the full height of the museum, with an intricate geometric design of stairways and maze-like network of paths.

MAXXI accommodates an auditorium, as well, used for viewing, film festivals, conferences and lectures.


3D Preview:


Athena Ben for SmokingDesigners.com


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