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Win an iPhone 4S With Best Mobile Contracts

The iPhone 4S has been on sale for less than a week but is already shaping up to be the bestselling iPhone of all time. It managed to sell over 4 million units worldwide in its first weekend of sale and also set a new record for the amount of pre-orders it attracted prior to launch.

This is no surprise considering that this is the best iPhone yet. It has improved power with a new A5 processor and seven times the graphical power of the iPhone 4 thanks to its new GPU. This means that the iPhone 4S is now the undisputed king of smartphone gaming.

New software features include iMessage, Find my Friends and Twitter integration. iMessage allows you to chat away with friends for free and Find my Friends can help you locate acquaintances in busy public places, making this the most socially aware smartphone ever.

An improved 8 megapixel camera now supports 1080p video recording and is the fastest camera on any smartphone, allowing photos to be captured every half a second. Thanks to a new CMOS and IR Filter this camera also offers the best colour contrast and image quality on any smartphone.

Of course, the big feature that everyone is talking about is Siri. Siri is a voice control system that works with virtually all areas of the iPhone’s use. You can search the internet, book restaurant tables or send messages and emails simply with the power of your voice. Siri will also learn your accent and individual style of speaking so that it becomes more powerful the more you use it.

While this all sounds amazing there is one slight problem with the iPhone 4S: its price. Sure, it has already sold over 4 million units in less than a week but there are still many more who would love a cheaper way of getting their hands on the latest iPhone.

And now there is, thanks to leading UK mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts. All you have to do to win a free iPhone 4S is visit the competition page at Best Mobile Contracts and state how long you would be willing to make your Nan wait in line to buy you a new iPhone 4S.

There is no correct answer and the winner will be selected at random when the competition closes on November 15th.

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