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The Web Designer’s eBook Bundle – Grab it while it’s hot at 60% discount

Responsive design, HTML5 and social media. Well, these buzz words are the most important terms in the industry and all the major players know that you can’t hit the jackpot if you can’t master them. This incredible eBook bundle features three helpful books for young web designers and developers: Responsive Web Design, Learn HTML 5, and Web Design Trends. All books are available in multiple reading formats including .mobi, .pdf., and .epub. so you can dive right in on your favorite device.

This bundle is a vital resource for anyone who wants to create stunning websites and to promote them at the max, or as they say, to make them viral. Click here to get it and start learning to be a better web designer.

The book contains a lot of useful material, starting from basic information about web design and all the way to layouts, usability and the importance of social and mobile media in promoting a website. You will learn about the latest techniques in HTML5, CSS3, how to create responsive designs, how to choose and use the perfect images for your web design project, how to pick the best font for it and so on. This set of powerful design eBooks normally sells for $14.91, but all three eBooks can be yours for just $6! That’s a whopping 60% discount off the standard price, so click here if you don’t want to miss it.



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