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Useful Web Design Tips for Newbies

The layout of your website is pretty much the actual face of your organization or company in the bounds of the internet. All your online clients, who need information about you will go through your website, and set their first impression based on your website. Therefore, make sure you make an amazing page no matter what! Try taking help from professional web developers hired by your firm.

One should have complete idea on how to make your own website. For that, one must plan their web design properly.

Trying on various web designs:

Before starting with your web design directly, try making a rough sketch, not on the software but on a piece of paper. In this way, you can truly explore every aspect of your web layout which will be appropriate for your web design and will suit your target audience. It will be good to get reliable suggestion from a couple of good friends as well. After all this is done, you can choose your ideal layout.

Font and background

Those who are designing their own website, they should follow the first tip which is to use a light color background and keep a dark font color. Many people prefer using a white background and the font to be in black. Many people like to visit those websites where the content is easy to read hence for an effective web design, follow this tip seriously.

Content on the website

For an effective web design it is important to see your content. People are attracted to those websites where the content is relevant and up to date. Use ideal font sizes, attractive color schemes, sound effects and relevant animations.

Positioning of your websites logo

Another highly recommended tip for an effective web design is to place your website’s logo on the top left of the website. The logo should not be too small or too big. The logo should be eye catching. Your website or business name, contact number and email address should be positioned on the right side.

Search option

Many websites are of many pages and are selling different products of different brands. If your website is also of such category and is selling different products, than make sure that your website has a search option. The search option should be on the right side of the page. With the help of search option, people will easily see their preferred products and navigate through your pages very easily.

Use images but small

People like to see bigger images but one of the advantage of small sized pictures are that it takes less time in loading. When a large size image won’t open, people will get fed up and they will close your websites link and open some other website. Zoom in option is preferable so people can see the picture or the product which they want to buy. Therefore, keep this point in mind whenever thinking of a web design.


CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheets. They are a much more advanced and versatile version than a table layout. With the help of this file format, you can separately edit the information given on your page and the design layout of your website. This separation allows you to make several necessary amends even after your website is published.

Don’t use shouting colors

Shouting colors are yellow, blue and green. These color must be avoided, or you should try to and instead, use subtle colors. Look for a color wheel and choose 2 or 3 colors which have good combination.

Arial, Verdana or Helvetica fonts

Choose from these three fonts

  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Helvetica fonts

These three fonts are preferred to be use for an affective website. Don’t think that if I will use fancy font’s people will attract more to my website no! Some browsers don’t accept the fancy fonts and the web design will look awful. The above mentioned styles may look dull or boring, but they work hence it is better to stick to them. Try to use only one font in your whole website.

Navigations should be simple

The navigations should me made self-explanatory, simple and user friendly. Your site must explain the viewer by itself, and remember that the user must be able to reach his desired information in a matter of three clicks. Otherwise, they will be annoyed and all your hard work, gone!

Consider 123-reg’s website builder

123-reg’s website builder is highly recommended for those who want to design their website. The website is full of advantages. It’s one of the best advantage is that it is a good service which is at a very reasonable cost. Another advantage is that it is a very simple site to use and people can easily maintain their domains. Therefore, if you may need a good advice on how to design your own website, 123-reg is the perfect website at your service.

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    GL on your website with sound effects in background.

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    “Don’t think that if I will use fancy font’s people will attract more to my website no!”
    What? Your english is terrible, and you obviously know nothing about doing web design that is both effective and creative, there are millions of examples of websites that break the rules you outline and they’re really effective and user friendly.

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    Don’t use bright colors? Really?

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    I think you forgot to mention the color red as one of the “shouting” colors. Anyway, yellow, green and blue can still be used in web design effectively. There are a lot of websites out there in those colors and yet they still look attractive. I think any color would fit to any design as long as its mixed with appropriate colors.

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    Trying various designs would be a better idea. As we can see a lot of old trends and design methods are into place now a days.