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Ways to Control LED Lights with Music

Many people would like to control their LED lights with music, and the good news is this is possible. There are different types of LED lightning features and schemas and they are entirely different from each other. Some devices have the so called auto sound trigger which is really great. Usually the LED fixtures with sound trigger work great but might cost a bit more expensive. On the other hand, if they don’t have the sound trigger function, it can be used for music control. People like to do it with Christmas LED lights to maximize fun at this festival.

There are 2 different ways thanks to which you can manually control the LED lights with music. The first method is called DMX512 (data transmission standard that is often used for such purposes). However, not all LED lights out there are capable of working with DMX, so it might not be a bad idea to make sure that your lights are supported by this way of working and operating. For details on Christmas LED lights, click it.

How to do:

1.  Use DMX to Control LED

1. Connect the fixtures with one another and then connect them to the DMX device with the help of the DMX cables.

2. Each fixture should have its own channel, so make sure you do this. It will later allow you to individually control them. One can also assign them to same channel in order to control lights in groups.

3. Assign each group or channel you want to use to a subgroup or fader.

4. Control the RGB control mixing by adjusting the faders down or up. Now it is easy to control the LEDs in a way you want.

 2.  Music Control Devices

5.There are many available devices that can act like sound trigger, so make sure you choose the proper one that fits in your needs.

6. Now it is time to connect each of the LED fixtures to the devices using the cables provided by the manufacturer.

7. Set the color palette and the sensitivity in a way that fit your needs.

8. Now turn the music control device on and just watch the LEDs blinking different colors depending on the music style.

3.  LED Fixtures with Sound Trigger Enabled

9. The quickest and at the same time easiest way to control LEDs with music is using fixtures with sound trigger enabled. Most of them have small microphones integrated and this is how they respond to real-time music. They also have dual inline package (DIP) switches. They are mostly located on the rear panel somewhere near the ports of DMX.

10. Take a look at the owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

11. Keep in mind that not all fixtures are using the same DMX standards so DIP switches are strictly individual sometimes.

12. You can enable the sound triggering of the LEDs by simply matching the DIP switches.

13. Now LED fixtures respond to sound triggers and you can sit back and enjoy it.

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