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New Stars of Fashion

Upcoming Stars of Fashion

Elisabeth Olsen The younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley has a more normal body weight, and apparently a bright future in acting. Style Trademark: She is a romantic at heart, but she does also have a weak spot for the post-modernistic extravaganzas of leading designers and brands.

Biggest Fashion Achievement (so far): The famous collection “ Elizabeth and James” is a creation of Mary Kate and Ashley and gets its name from Elisabeth and her brother James.

Worth copying: Her gift to complement the right clothes with the right hairstyle. Remember, a tall neck needs an updo and a romantic maxi dress needs loose ringlets.

Chloe Moretz You definitely know her if you have seen “Kick Ass”. Omg, how much has she grown since then? This is what I said when I saw her pictures from this year. However, she has not grown that much. She is only fourteen, but she manages to look elegant and fresh at the same time.

Style Trademark: She loves shoes and shopping for shoes.

Biggest Fashion Achievement (so far): She does not have a stylist – or so rumor has it.

Worth copying: Her complete lack of fear to experiment with different looks.

Siriwanwaree Nareerat The widely known as the “Thai Princess”, since anyone who is not from Thailand would find it difficult to decide how to pronounce her name, appeared in the her country’s traditional costume only at Albert’s marriage in Monaco, as it imposed by the country’s protocol.

Style Trademark: Glow yes, wealth, yes, but in the most modern way. The princess has a weakness for quirky heels, which always upgrade her look.

Biggest Fashion Achievement (so far): At the recent Paris fashion week, she watched from the front row all the best shows. She was also at Christian Dior’s couture show.

Worth copying: the gothic mood in her makeup (dark lips and eyes), which gives her a contemporary tone even in the most formal and glamorous looks.

Cara Delevingne Poppy’s younger sister, a socialite and “ambassador” of Chanel in England. The eighteen-year-old Cara is one of Christopher Bailey’s of Burberry favorite models. She is best friends with the also rising Coco Sumner (Sting’s daughter).

Style Trademark: Her headbands, which she wears everywhere and with everything at all times.

Biggest Fashion Achievement (so far): She rejected the role of «Posh Spice» (i.e. Victoria Beckham) in the musical Viva Forever, so as to not kill her career in modeling overnight.

Worth Copying: the unique way in which she wears her mini-dresses with black, rock-chic booties.


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