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Unusual Typography Examples That will Make you Say, Wow

I think too often designers get caught in a typographic rut of sorts where they quit thinking outside of the box. If you find yourself in a rut where you are only changing colors and sizes of the type you are working with, I hope this post might give you an inspirational boost. The key to breaking out of a typographic rut is to understand that type doesn’t have to be made up of a “font”. The text in this gallery is treated in a number of ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see:

Multi-demensional text
Text with creative shading
Text made out of physical objects
Text with unexpected corners and curves
Text formed into an object

—->     Stay tuned because there are a lot more to come. If you want any specific category of Typography or either your Typography to be showcased contact us via twitter @smokingdesigns.  <—-

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Evan Varsamis is driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. The company he founded, Cloudie Co. is a testament of that. Evan is constantly seeking to invest in new startup projects that support his vision.

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