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Some of the Most Unusual Modern Houses Ever Build

Modern Houses have created a lot of buzz in the social media lately and so we tought that it would be a great idea to showcase some of the most unusual modern houses ever build. About a year ago we have published a similar collecton with the most beautiful houses ever build and most of our readers loved it. If you like the article consider subsrcibing to our new E-mail Newsletter

Modern Houses for the Weekends

What’s black on the outside, red on the inside and located down under? This awesome house on the outskirts of Melbourne, designed by Australian firm Judd Lysenko Architects, draws its inspiration from American-German architect Mies van der Rohe – considered a pioneer of modern architecture. We think this home would make him proud.

modern houses


modern weekend home


red and green house

Prefab Cottage “Crib”

This cottage home dubbed “The Crib” was designed with eco sustainable responsibility in mind. The 2011 Custom Home Design Award winning project by Broadhurst Architects may be small, but there’s lots to this little design.



comfy cottage


cottage crib


recycable house

Brick Countryside Home in Italy

Italian architects Park Associati designed this fresh countryside home with a nod to tradition, but its modern aesthetic is definitely the shining star. This brick exterior home welcomes residents and guests with an outdoor entertaining area we just love. This central courtyard provides the perfect spot for an alfresco meal or sipping a grass of vino while admiring the lush landscape here in the foothills of the Val Tidone, in the Piacentine countryside of Italy.

country side house


brick house


home in italy


modern houses


italian houses


beautiful interior designs


brick house

A Triangular Frame House

The award-winning architecture firm was tasked with designing an addition to modernize and extend the previously built vacation house and transform it into a contemporary style residence, while still respecting the existing structure and the environment surrounding it. According to the architects, “The architectural concept is based on a dialogue between old and new, coziness and openness, glass and wood and linked by materiality and details.

geometric garden


triangle house


geometric home


modern houses

Iceberg Inspired Coastal Cottage Design Looks Surreal

The Squish Studio designed by Canadian architect Todd Saunders (his practice is based in Norway) brings Canadian and Nordic architectural styles here to the humble hotspot of Fogo Island, Newfoundland. As one of the stops along “iceberg alley,” this coastal community, though small, clearly had a big influence on the cottage design. With jagged, majestic icebergs as part of the coastal landscape, it’s clear what the inspiration was for the shape.

minimal houses


minimal studio


minimalist houses

House Clad in Wood Lamella

German architects Titus Bernhard Architekten designed this cool wood clad house in Munich, Germany as a livable sculpture. The asymmetrical roof is clad in prefabricated vertical wood lamella that makes its way down the walls for a homogenous overall look.

german house


german style houses


wood house


small wooden house

Rustic stone home with country kitchen

Austin, Texas-based architecture firm Mell Lawrence Architects designed this rustic house right in their own backyard. Designed as an earthy sanctuary, this stone home design follows the lay of the sloped site with a layered layout both indoors and out. Regardless of where you are, the overall feeling you’ll get here is one of peace and serenity, achieved through the neutral materials, color palette and easy-going flow of living spaces.



austin texas


rustiic stone


modern houses


modern houses


modern house


texas house

The Maryland Architecture

They say salt is just the thing to bring a little flavor to the everyday, case in point – the NaCl House designed by architecture firm David Jameson Architect, Inc. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, this interesting home appears to be pieced together, like a jigsaw puzzle, with multiple volumes rising and falling within its single form. Dubbed the NaCl House (NaCl, the scientific term for “table salt”), there is definitely something scientific about the look and feel.

maryland house


maryland houses


maryland lifestyle


maryland modern house


minimalistic apartment

Curved Wall Architecture Framing

The home’s signature rounded facade curves around a circular pool, hugging its every curve and defining the stylish outdoor entertaining area as an apt introduction to the modern indoors. Lining this arching exterior, a curving glass wall separates the outdoors from minimalist interiors, which are clean and simple – utterly modern. A palette of white plays wonderfully against the dramatic views, which as expected, and surely as intended, remain the foremost focal point of this home. Mario Martins

awesome hosues


curved wall


modern houses



modenr houses


contemporary house


unusual houses


beautiful architecture

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