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Photo By Iwan Baan6

Underground Houses By Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Muller Architects

The Swiss village of Vals, well known for its world famous thermal spa designed by architect Peter Zumthor, is getting a new building, a project initialized by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller. Surprised that it was allowed to build so close to the famous bath, the question that immediately rose was ‘how’. The intension was an un-obstructive development of a structure that does not look residential. The villa is fully embedded in the landscape. Access is provided via an existing wooden barn, located on a lower level of the mountain. An underground tunnel, slightly absurd, will lead to the main programme situated in a circular cut made in the mountain slope. The presence of the villa in the landscape is thus limited to minimum. The view from the villa looks over the narrow mount valley of Vals and its dramatic surrounding scenery.The villa is developed with the support of the local authority and is being realized with local manpower. With the ability, experience and technique deriving from a remote mountain village. Hardly any details are being drawn in advance. The design of the building and the realization of it as a simultaneous happening.This photography Is By Iwan Baan

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  • Sharonscraig

    The architecture of this home is innovative and fresh, the interior however, appear to be somewhat cold with what appears to be concrete walls, my concern would be keeping the home heated during those stork winter months! Overall I love this design and the way it naturally blends into the landscaping on the hillside

  • Jane

    its amazing!i like it very much.good design