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Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike (5)

How to Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Motorcycle

So how does a disposable lighter turn into a miniature motorcycle? You’ll need a heavy dose of patience and some nimble fingers! Below is a visual guide that kind of shows you how to make a motorcycle with a lighter, however there is also a very detailed step-by-step video at the end that will walk you through the entire process.
Massive hat tip to the unknown visionary that had the curiosity to take apart a lighter and say, “hey this could be a really cool motorcycle!” Whoever you are, the Sifter salutes you. Enjoy!

How to Turn a Lighter into a Motorcycle: Step-by-Step Video

Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike (4)Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike (3)Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike (2)Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike (1)Turn a Lighter Into a Mini Bike (5)

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