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Top Gadgets of The Week By Gadget Flow + Giveaway

Top Gadgets by Gadgets flow is a truly awesome collection of useful and cool gadgets from the web. As you have probably already heard, We have launched our new website which is 100% about high quality gadgets. The new website is doing very well and we have already gathered more than 500 newsletter subscribers in 25 days and to celebrate we are giving away a macbook stand created by twelve south. Enjoy the best gadgets of this week.

We are Giving away BookArc (Macbook Stand) By Twelve South 

Find out more and participate here.

Automatic Mini Donut Factory – $89

The Mini Donut Factory automatically forms, fries and drains delicious mini donuts in approximately 90 seconds. After the donuts are finished, simply put in a bag, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa powder. A few shakes and you’re ready to enjoy warm.

Slice & Serve Bread And Cheese Board By Joseph Joseph – $24

Joseph Joseph is ever conscious of the space restrictions imposed by modern urban living. They are the masters of form and function. The Slice and Serve Reversible Bread and Cheese Board with Condiment Dish is no exception. It comprises a high-quality beech board that sits insides a smart melamine tray with a removable condiment dish to perform several functions. One side of the board is for bread, with handy crumb-catching grooves cut into the surface. Bread can be cut and served at the table, with butter or oil in the integrated condiment dish. The reverse of the board is flat and ideal for serving foods such as cheese and fruit with pickles or chutney in the dish. The melamine tray base has non-slip feet and convenient carry handles. Melamine tray and condiment dish are dishwasher safe. Hand wash beech board.

Firefly Glow Stool – $169

The Firefly Glow Stool is ideal for putting in the garden, on the terrace or in the living room. It’s also handy to control – with a flick of the remote control you can alter the color of the long-life LEDs, set to pulse, change to color rotate, or set to a 3 hour timer. As well as 6 different vibrant colors, the Firefly Glow Stool can also glow in classic white to suggest a modern, minimalist theme. The Firefly collection is a color selectable lighting system for both inside and out. When switched off, our Fireflys return to their white unlit state. The Firefly collection also includes a buoyant, waterproof glow sphere. Both models feature integrated rechargeable batteries for wireless operation – to recharge, simply connect the adapter cable.

Desktop Chair For iPad and MacBook – $38

Hand made with fine natural basswood, Desktop Chair is a stand for MacBook and iPad. It simply holds your Apple laptop and turns it into a desktop machine with an external display, a keyboard and a mouse. ‘Laptop on the go, Desktop at home’. One size fits all. Desktop Chair supports all iPads, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and goes as far back as the PowerBook G4 (any laptop that isn’t thicker than 1.2″) regardless of the shape, with or without a cover, now and the future. Comes with a cushion pad and anti-slip buttons.

Massaging Bed Rest – $99

Lets you read, write and watch TV in comfort. Focused, super-bright LED light bends into any position to make reading and writing easy and comfortable. The large side pockets keep magazines, books, remote controls and reading glasses at your side. There’s even a built-in cup holder! Fits you and your bed. Designed to fit any bed and support all body shapes and sizes. Folds flat for easy storage under the bed or in a closet. AC adapter included.

Twelve South Book Leather Case for Macbook – $79

BookBook is a one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case designed exclusively for MacBook Pro. Available in Classic Black or Vibrant Red, BookBook brings three levels of security to your prized Mac.

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