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Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

Introduced especially for the Chinese year of the Snake, this gorgeous Boa Wine Decanter by Riedel opens up your wine flavor in no matter of time. The meandering glass design is what makes it extremely unconventional and attractive at the same time.

The Bamboo Sushi Tray is a beautifully crafted plywood tray you could use anytime to serve your lip-smacking Sushi delights. Handmade in Brooklyn, this eco-friendly serving tray has been excellently merged with a bamboo base and a classic beeswax finish.

The Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon is one of the cutest boiled egg holder that provides a warrior spirit to your forlorn breakfast table. Having the legendary spirit of the warrior class, this tiny soldier Arthur ensures your eggy delight stays safe within its enclosed helmet.

The Himalaya Spice Shakers adds an icy feeling to your spice holders with mountainous lid covers. Coming in a set of four spice containers, two small and two big to maintain variety, these spice shakers would look like tiny spice mountains on your kitchen racks.Himalaya-Spice-Shakers

Amazon Dash is your own personal shopping assistant who takes notes and never forgets anything. You just pick up the dash like a microphone and speak into it, or scan the item you want to buy. Dash can recognize any one of the millions of items available on Amazon. Whether spoken or scanned, Dash picks it up and saves it into your AmazonFresh account.

Everybody loves to save space so we decided to do it uniquely by creating Pluk. Pluk, made of two circles weaved together with elastic string, hangs from the ceiling or can be placed on a table top. It instantly creates more room to live. Pluk can hold almost anything that its size will allow, including fresh fruit and your accessories.Pluk-Hanging-Fruit

Barbecue Season may seem like a million light years away – as our insufferable Groundhog Day of a winter grinds on – but thank the Sith Lord it will be here before you can oak smoke a sausage. And with it, a smorgasbord of rubbed, racked and marinated meats, just begging to be griddled senseless.

This Googly Eyes Bag Clip is a creation from San Francisco-based consumer products design firm GAMAGO. The clip is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a spring clip that helps the eyes hold on tightly to your bag. The large googly eyes on the clip actually spin around and move like they do in cartoons.

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Pinch Dash Smidgen Measuring Spoons are a set of three spoons brought to you by HIC Brands that Cook. The three spoons each have their own labels that say dash, pinch and smidgen. TPinch-Dash-Smidgen-Measuring-Spoons

This stubby little Cannon Popcorn Maker makes popcorn using hot air circulation technology. The popcorn kernels loaded into the cannon pop and shoot out into a bowl you place in front of the cannon. It’s a healthy and oil-free method that makes popcorn easily and quickly with lower calories. Cannon-Popcorn-Maker

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  • http://eezy.com/ Shawn Rubel

    Mike, interesting story. Quite amusing stuff, but, like the title says – they’re only gadgets, and add no real value to my ‘kitchen workflow’ whatsoever.