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Timelapse of the Week: The City Limits

From Montreal to Manhattan, photographer Dominic Boudreault captured picturesque cityscapes and rural retreats. The finished time-lapse video garnered nearly a million views in just over a week. Highlights include views of the Chicago skyline from the John Hancock building, starry nights from Quebec National Parks and the New York skyline from Rockefeller Center.

He attributes much of his success to preparation. After selecting a city, Boudreault scouts locations online, first looking for major landmarks, then exploring Google Maps, Flickr and other sites to get a feel for what he will see when he arrives. Once there, he uses his vision and expertise as a photographer to insert his own point of view. Boudreault talked with us about his work: While pursuing photography for some time as a hobby, Boudreault primarily worked as a Web designer for Quebec National Parks.He has mastered the craft of time-lapse photography and is able to bring out subtle details like jets flying overhead, star trails, and boats moving across the water.

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