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The Best Gadgets Of The Week By The Gadget Flow

Holi-Smart-Mood-LampThe Holi Smart Mood Lamp will create a kaleidoscopic riot of colors in your home, just like the Hindu festival it is named after. The lamp comes with the Holi App that you can use to customize the lighting to match your mood, time of day and the occasion. With literally hundreds of millions of color combinations to play with, the only thing limiting the lighting effect is your imagination.

Fancy-Power-GridThe Fancy Power Grid from Tego allows you to carry backup power for multiple devices in a compact and portable arrangement. The Power Grid has been jointly launched by Tego Power and Fancy. Thing is that it’s no good taking along all your electronic gizmos and gadgets while you’re traveling unless you have regular access to wall outlets for charging.

Shipping-Container-Tissue-BoxThis is a tissue box that looks like a shipping container. Actually, it’s a standard sized box made to look like a tiny replica of a shipping container. The box has a lid, and a slit in the lid allows you to pull on the tissue inside. Needless to say, they ship you an empty shipping container without any tissue inside. It may seem a wee bit non-sensical, but that would be the pot calling the kettle black. After all, we’re the nerds looking to get hold of a tissue box shaped like a shipping container.

Wetley-GGRX-Prescription-Frame-for-Google-GlassThe Wetley GGRX is the world’s first available prescription frame solution for Google Glass. GGRX is an acronym for Wetley’s prescription adapter branded as the Google Glass Explorer Edition. You get just the frame, and you can get your own Google Glasses fitted out with your prescription lenses in under five seconds.

Stuffography-MySuiteStuff-PillowsThese pillows from Stuffography are part of the upgraded MySuiteStuff original pillow line. They’re stuffed and molded with polyester fiberfill, and then hand sewn by skilled experts who make sure the seam stays hidden. The anti-pill polar fleece and the fiberfill looks great and feels so good that it’ll be your teddy bear and blankie all rolled into one soft and cuddly pillow.

Furry-Adventure-SlippersThese Furry Adventure Slippers from ThinkGeek are ideal for those who revel in looking ridiculous at home. It turns you into a Yeti that’s just sprouting leg hair, or maybe a bear that’s been given a bad pedicure. Either way, it’s very geeky, quite adorable and extremely plush and comfortable. It’s ideal footwear for keyboard warriors in their PJs hibernating through most of the day at home and only getting up occasionally to check their Facebook feed.

Nike+-FuelBand-SE-SportBand-01The Nike+ FuelBand SE SportBand and the accompanying free FuelBand app for your iPhone measure and track all your activity. This is not just about workouts or fitness. It tracks all your whole-body movements, which means everything from your morning workout to what you do on your big night out. It not only tracks how much you move, but also the frequency of your movements and their intensity.

Molami-Bight-Knotted-EarbudsThe Molami Bight Knotted Earbuds with elegant nappa leather knots are sleek and stylish, functional and fashionable, compact and innovative, and… a lot more things. The bottomline is that these earbuds are the “in” thing. The rich nappa leather with 18k gold accents make you look cool and trendy. There’s also the fact that the audio performance will rock your world without disturbing anyone else around you. The small size and the design lets you enjoy your music in solitude over an extended period without feeling any discomfort.

Vintage-Leather-Boxing-GlovesThis pair of Vintage Leather Boxing Gloves from Restoration Hardware looks so good that it’ll be hard to keep them around just for decorative purposes. They’re handmade from burnished leather that is expertly cut, tanned, distressed and stitched to perfection. The gloves are made to look like vintage sporting gear from the early 20th century.

Grabit-RobotGrabit Robot is a multipurpose holder and a DIY art toy. Its modern and minimalist design make it a beautiful decor piece for the home or office. It is the perfect companion for your bathroom or desk as it can hold toohbrushes, razors, pencils, pens, markers or anything that can fit in its hands.

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