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All the big names of blogging – like Brian Clark and Darren Rowse use WordPress to run their blogs. A mysterious blogger from Australia who has sold a blog for 20,000$ and who calls himself The Blog Tyrant once said:

If you want to sell your blog for $20,000 you need to be on WordPress. Why? Because it is a blogger’s dream. It let’s you add hundreds of different free plugins that change the way your site works, it is perfectly optimizable for Google and allows you to post articles with ease. I really am a little bit obsessed with it. If you don’t use WordPress to publish your blog then you are not giving yourself the best advantage. –Source

WordPress has taken the blogosphere by storm. If you are not using WordPress you are loosing on on a lot of advantages that technology can offer you for your blog.

If you are frequent in the blogosphere you would have heard of the website Elegant Themes created by Mr. Nick Roach. Elegant WordPress Themes is another brain child of Mr. Roach.

On Elegant WordPress Themes, Roach is selling 74 premium WordPress themes for only 39$! Yes that is true.

Let us take a look at some of the themes available there.

Convertible Landing Page Theme 

Internet marketers require a quality theme with good landing pages in order to sell their products. This theme enables you to achieve exactly the same.

Convertible includes a brand new drag and drop layout manager which allows you to fully customize the landing page according to your needs and requirements.

If you have used any Landing Page template ever before you know that you have to stick with the layout that the designer has provided to you. You can not change it a bit (until you yourself are a professional designer of course).

But with the said Convertible theme you are at full liberty to structuralize your landing page. Place your videos, your sign up forms your product anywhere you like.

And above all, you can change the look of the home page as and when required.

Notebook Elegant WordPress Theme

This theme takes the advantage of WordPress Post Formats. This is on the cutting edge of WordPress functionality while also including some beautiful CSS3 effects.

You can choose from unlimited color schemes and dozens of fonts available.

Take a look at the screen shot above to get a glimpse of this wonderful theme.

eList WordPress Theme

This is a directory WordPress theme. This means that it allows you and your users to submit listings while also featuring ecommerce integration allowing you to charge visitors for prominent listings.

eList contains a custom form builder that enables you to customize what fields are used during listing submissions. This implies your directory could be of anything which increases the versatility of your website.

There are obviously many more elegant themes which due to lack of space can not be included in this single article.

As I said before there are 72 beautiful themes out there – waiting to be explored by you. Go take a look and let me know your reaction in the comments below.


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