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Invisible Street Art

Invisible Street Art By Cayetano Ferrer

Los Angeles-based video, photography and sculptural/installation artist Cayetano Ferrer has re-interpreted the discipline of graffiti through his artistic interrogation of urban objects. Through his projects “city of chicago” and “western imports” he camouflages street signs and ordinary cardboard boxes to mimic the surrounding scenery – rendering them “invisible street art”. Ferrer creates the work

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Stunning 3D Street Art Designs

Street art design recorded since early Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street painters in Italy e called madonnari (pronounced: mah-doan-are-ee with madonnaro being the singular form) because they often created pictures representing the Madonna. In 1972 the first International Street Painting Competition was held

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3D Joe & Max Photography

For the past seven years, pavement artists Joe Hill and Max Lowry have travelled the world from New York to Shanghai creating their unique 3D street art. They design their anamorphic paintings to encourage audience interaction. Their eye-catching creations are ideal for live events, marketing campaigns, music videos and TV


20 Creative Street Art Ideas

Street art actually refers to artwork that is created in public spaces by individuals; it is different from artwork that is created or sponsored by the city governments. It is a freestyle form of artwork that includes working with different materials and a unique style which is developed by street