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Super Yummy Food Photos From PunchFork

Today’s article is not about design, its not about photgraphy nor inspiration instead its all about super yummy food photos that we’ve gathered from PunchFork. This great website is must for food recipes but the photos of each meal caught our  “creative” attention. Punchfork uses real-time data like tweets and Facebook shares to measure which recipes are grabbing the attention of users. We uncover the latent sentiment in sharing patterns on social networks. The proprietary rating system assigns each recipe a popularity score from 1 to 100. The higher a recipe’s score, the more it has been talked about and shared on the web.

Punchfork makes it easier to find the best new recipes from popular sites likeSimply Recipes, The Pioneer Woman, Leite’s Culinaria, Bon Appetit, 101 Cookbooks and Picky Palate. We use conversations on social networks to show you high quality recipes that passionate cooks are talking about right now.

Traditional recipe sites list page after page of search results in no discernible order. With Punchfork, you see only the highest quality recipes, presented in a beautiful magazine-like visual layout.Punchfork shows the latest posts from food blogs and recipe sites in one unified place. New recipes appear on our site usually just minutes after they’re published.

The Food Photos

food photos


food photos


food photos








food photos




food photos


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