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Striking Illustrations By Noma Bar

In this illustration post I have a selection with great artworks created by Noma Bar. Noma’s development process takes place in the sketchbook, going on to digitally produce finished work on the computer once the idea is fully conceptualized. In a lot of his illustrations you will find two images if you look long enough. This is because of his great usage of negative space.

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    Striking Illustrations By Noma Bar:

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    Noma Bar is really artistic. I admire all his artworks they are fantastic! Actually I just liked his page on Facebook. Lots of people know him.

    • Evan

      Yeap, indeed he is a known artist:) his works are amazing.

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    He’s such a genius artist. I love these pieces of his works. They are awesome. I can’t only look at the pictures but I have to think and imagine what they are telling me. They are great illustrations. I’m so appreciated the taste of your artworks. Thanks for sharing such a fascinated selection. Many thanks