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Showoff Design Finally a Great Portfolio App for iPad

This is an iPad app that aims to solve a common problem for web and app designers everywhere, the presentation. The app is aptly named: Showoff Design. As simple and clean as the app itself. In short, this is a perfect tool for presenting design in meetings. I’ll explain in detail what’s so great about it.

How it Works

How does it work and what things are solved by this app? Well, first of all, when presenting a web or mobile design to a client in a meeting you really don’t want to rely on internet connectivity, which is why everything in Showoff Design is done locally. You transfer the design images from your Photoshop equipped computer to the iPad (via mail or Dropbox for example), then the app does the rest!
All design images that you import to Showoff automatically gets an appropriate surrounding and backdrop, based on their size and dimension. This means Showoff determines which device and orientation is best suited as a backdrop to each design. Your design can then be sorted, renamed and also manually changed to another device type if you’d like. It’s all pretty straight forward actually, and the user interface is really stunning, which makes using the app a real joy.

Beautiful Presentations

As you start the actual Keynote like presentation mode, each design image will be displayed in a real nice context, for example a mobile site will scroll perfectly within an iPhone (both iPhone 4 and 5 is here). If you run Showoff on an iPad with retina screen, the iPhone designs will be displayed in a perfect pixel-by-pixel manner, which is just plain awesome. Swipe left and the next design appears, perhaps an iPad app, which is by default displayed within an iPad frame, which can seem redundant, but actually serves a purpose when presenting with a projector. You can of course choose to display stuff fullscreen without borders if you like, which is nice. But honestly, I haven’t done that very much yet. But it’s nice to have the option, if you want to show off iPad apps with all the available pixels.

Anything Missing

The only couple of drawbacks with this first 1.0 release of Showoff is the fact that you can only add 12 images, and that you need iOS 6 to run it. These are issues the developers have promised to solve with the next pending release, which is great. They mention adding support for Dropbox sync for example, which really would be a killer feature! Also, the ability to show more categories of devices and backdrops will make the app even more versitile and useful for every creative portfolio you could think of.


Since this app is free, gorgeous and really simple to use, I can’t see any reason not to try it for your next design presentation or job interview. It will really make your own stuff look better than ever.

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  • Jonas

    Finally! This is very promising. Super slick design I must say…

    • http://www.smokingdesigners.com/ Evan Varsamis

      Yeap, its pretty awesome