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Ghost In The Machine(1)

The Series Of Ghost In The Machine by Erika Simmons

Series Of Ghost In The Machine started by Erika Iris Simmons. This series is  created by inspiration for art work by from cassette tapes.

About Erika Iris Simmons:My name is Erika Iris Simmons and I like to take things- random things- like what you would find at a garage sale or in a thrift store- and make them into composite art. Most of my pieces become portraits of people associated with the item I’ve chosen. I don’t really add any paint or pigments… I usually just take things apart and re-arrange the pieces, cutting away portions when necessary. A lot of my art is made with cassette tapes and old film reels in a series I call “Ghost in the Machine.”

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Series Of Ghost In The Machine 

Series Of Ghost


Series Of Ghost


Series Of Ghost
















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