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Responsive Web Design or iOS App

Let me admit it, I have been designing websites for quite a long while now. And much as I would like to think that these websites are my creations, I must admit that the more recent ones have been created the way the website owners wanted it. Ultimately, they are paying for it and it needs to get done the way they want it to be. But a more recent phenomenon that I have been noticing and more importantly, implementing is that websites now need to cater to the all-important end user and potential customer and not just the one who spent money on developing the website.

While it could be almost impossible to list down all the specifications and processes that go into making a website, one important aspect of the whole package is the choice of web design. From static websites that looked dull and drab to accommodating responsive web design techniques to the very latest iOS apps, you do have a lot to contend with when it comes to most advanced website designs.

Here’s some help in understanding what responsive web design and iOS app can do for your website and why you should now look at iOS if you want what it takes to be at par with the world.

What started it all?

Once upon a time, websites were mainly built to offer information to those who really were in need of it. There were no advertisements or fancy fonts and colors or pictures to keep the viewer hooked to the website. You just typed pages upon pages of information using perhaps tables or pixel counts and left it just there.

No website owner ever bothered to check if the whole thing would look the way it looks on his own computer. Never mind, if the distorted image on the user’s computer didn’t really appeal aesthetically.

A time came when it became imperative to make the websites look more appealing, a fact that got noticed by web designers simply from the mind-boggling number of orders from producers, manufacturers and suppliers of various types of products and services along with information providers now wanted websites that not just told people what they were doing but wanted their websites to be somewhat like an impressive trailer to a new movie that viewers and surfers on the Internet could be impressed with.

So now there was a deluge of pictures, fonts, fancy slogans and yes, anything else that could prove helpful in attracting eyeballs to the website and eventually turn prospective customers into regular clientele.

What was going wrong?

In all the excitement that website creators and designers worked hours to create the latest and the best websites, they forgot that what looked great on their computer screens may not appear the same way on computer screens half way around the globe. This was surely turning out to be a grave cause for concern as more creative people started pointing out distorted images, garbled font and websites that looked no more than a kindergarten kid having run amok with his alphabets.

The need arose for websites to be designed with more care and more importantly, keeping the end user in mind. Static websites gave way to dynamic websites and these in turn saw the influx of responsive web design that accommodated flexible images, fluid grids and helped adapt layouts to the viewing environment.

Why responsive web design made news?

The entire world witnessed large desktops in offices, workplaces and homes making way for compact computer screens and further more laptops, handheld devices and now mobile phones that have the ability to give you as much information you need as you could have got from a supercomputer decades ago.

With the world becoming smaller and gadgets reducing in size on an almost daily basis, there was a growing need to adapt website layouts to smaller environments, yet making sure that the end user did not suffer just because he chose to work with a comparatively smaller gadget or from the convenience of his car instead of a cubicle in his office.

Responsive web design addressed the issues that static websites couldn’t deal with. In fact, with responsive web design, web designers like me got more opportunities to display their skills and talents and website companies got more business. After all, the race to showcase the best information, products and services had just begun!

responsive web design

Merits that helped responsive web design gain notice

As a web designer who has had a long drawn experience in designing websites and who is often called upon as an expert in his field to give opinions about how a new website must be designed, I must recall the merits that helped responsive web design gain notice.

Notable among the qualities are its ability to optimize for the form factor, ability to adapt like I said before, be able to adopt the latest technologies and has also proven to have the widest net when it comes to audience reach.

However, like all good things, responsive web design also needs to be now brought down from its high mantle because the new iOS is indeed making waves as the latest news in website designing. And with all my expertise and experience, I can definitely proclaim it to be the next big thing!

Why iOS app is revolutionizing the web?

iOs sure made news when Apple brought it out. And for all the right reasons, this new technology is bringing smiles to both website creators like me and the end user who now has all the news in the world, quite literally at his fingertips like never before.

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Why iOS apps is better than responsive web design?

There are just so many plus points to using iOS apps for you blog that I am tempted to say that you would be at more advantage to launching your own iOS app than develop your mobile site.

One size fits all – that’s the first thing you need to keep in mind when you develop an iOS app. Doesn’t that sound really good so that now you don’t need to worry about who is going to view your website using which particular gadget.

Creators who rely too much on responsive web design tend to depend too much upon the use of grids. This is turn could affect the final outcome of the website design.

Responsive web design, for all its merits, could lead to stifling innovation, because the website owner could so get carried away with layouts that he may forget what he started creating the website for in the first place.

Responsive websites are good but the general opinion from experts is that they are no more visually appealing or likely to garner all the attention you want unlike an iOS app that is sure to make heads turn with all its features.

If you wish to ensure that creativity is at the core of the website you want to create for the world, you need to make sure you are not tied down by something that has a tendency to dilute your creativity or simply fail to meet your expectations. iOS is just the answer to all your queries for creating stunning websites and ensuring creativity remains topmost in your list of haves.

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