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Remarkable Typography Designs From the Best

Remarkable Typography Designs From the Best is a showcase of beautiful and inspiring typography designs that I’ve found in various websites. Good typography along with good design is the number 1 reason for customer to be attracted on any shop or website. You should definitely focus on emphasizing your brands name in my opinion with big bolt black typography.

Here are some great tips I’ve found from the best people in this field.

Don’t use too many typefaces (via FreeDesign)
Consistency throughout a document or website is helpful. It brings unity and one identity. It also makes it clean, tidy and just basically not messy. A good rule to follow then is to not use more than 3 different typefaces in one document.

Hierarchy (via FreeDesign)
It is always important in typography to pay close attention to the hierarchy of the page. The most basic thing is to keep the headline at the top of the page in a larger size. But more than this its just a case of looking at the page and asking other people what they read first. As a designer we should be thinking about communication constantly. This is our primary focus.

Font size (via FreeDesign)
Use no more than 4 font sizes in a document or website. Preferably 3. Again this is a case of consistency. Too many copy sizes make a document disjointed. 3 also allows enough variation to emphasise certain text and categorise text together. For example, you have one size for a heading, one for an introduction, one for body text and one for a pullout quote or something else. This will be consistent across the whole

Serif Font (via Web Design Tuts)
You should also consider some other aspects, like whether your text is as readable in a serif font than it is in a sans-serif font. Smaller text will generally be represented better in a sans-serif font

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