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How to Promote Your App and Boost Sales

How many apps are available for all the tablets and smartphones? How many useful apps there are and how many are daily brought to the market? These questions are accurate and many specialists try to offer a decent estimation. Briefly, any number is not relevant because daily new and new apps are added and it’s practically impossible to count all of them due to the huge palette of solutions to present and sell these. The good news is that there are almost unlimited solutions; therefore I strongly believe that anyone interested in something will find his desired app. The main issue is that not all of them are qualitative and many times these apps are suffering various bugs, poor design and so on. Under these circumstances, if you are a good designer it is highly recommended to test your skills and create an app to satisfy the buyers.

Definitely, making an app, a very good one is kind of difficult and it requires time, but few designers imagine that the marketing of the new app would require maybe the same volume of resources. In fact, no matter how original and useful an app is, without minimum marketing it is very difficult to obtain profit. This industry is at its infancy, there is more to do in order to create a base, and a set of best practices worldwide accepted. Anyway, there are some tips “suspected” to be useful and to help any individual/team. I’ve added these tips here in addition to some comments from my humble experience.

Name it to attract people

If you are creating a mobile application I strongly recommend having always in your mind the potential user of it- a hurried person that urgently needs information or is navigating for fun during a short break. No matter the context, in both cases he/she is making mostly superficial appreciations, there is no time for second chances. Willing or not, the marketing begins from the initial stage, it starts with the name. To conclude, try to find a proper name for your app, it must be eye catching for the user and at the same time to be relevant to the application itself.

Create a free version

Even if most applications are very cheap, the huge majority of them pricing bellow 10$, people prefer the free ones. There are tons of reasons to prefer these but also there are many other reasons to buy one that costs the equivalent of some beers. If you want to sell your apps and get some money there are two solutions: you create a genius app that simply makes everyone say “wow” or bait people with a free version that runs enough to satisfy all the users, but lacks some features that should attract them to buy the premium version.

Offer discounts

Another tip that may be useful in order to get profit is to lower the cost…yep, it sounds paradoxical but it works. Some developers offer in specific periods, usually in weekends variable discounts for their apps. In this way, people are attracted by the bargain, buy the app and much more, they promote the app if it is quality. Think of these discounts as you invested the lost money in marketing…in practice, you really do it.

Publish some reviews of the apps on specialized blogs and ecommerce services

Fortunately, many bloggers launched very good blogs where reviews and feedback for various apps are offered; it is a two-sided advantageous situation. The bloggers are content that they have what to publish and get good traffic while the developers are satisfied that they have a good opportunity to present their new creations. Immediately after the app release, it is recommended to publish some reviews of your latest creation.

Personally, I think it is more convincing for the potential buyers to have reviews from a third party, usually a well-know geek or designer, it’s by far more credible and objective.


Organize various contest

Another good opportunity to let people know how awesome your new app is, is to organize some contests and the prizes shall consist in some free licenses for the app. It’s simple and effective: you publish a review on a specialized blog and for the ones that decently comment, you organize a mini contest where five (or whatever you want) random users receive a license. This is only a single example but you are free to imagine and put in practice other better scenarios, there are many others.

Use social media to make some buzz

Somehow, for the ones in the field it is redundant, but it wasn’t professional not to insert this tip here. Social media remains a powerful tool and you may obtain a good number of buyers if the buzz created “hit” the targeted segment of users. Never forget to create a Facebook page for the application and insert in your tweets some interesting facts about your creation. In the end I wish you good luck with your marketing plan and don’t forget to offer us your precious opinion, we are eager to find out novelties.

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