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Print Design Inspiration from Famous Designers

Print design inspiration is a quality collection that contains various types of brochures, postcard printing,  posters, booklets and flyer designs. Its very important for a graphic designer to be inspired constantly while he is working on his projects in order to create something extraordinary and this is why we have gathered today all these beautiful print designs. Stay tuned because within next week we are going to present to you the best Online Printing Services from the US. If you want to find out more about each designer you can click on their names and you ll get redirected into their profiles.

99% Magazine 2012 – Raewyn Brandon

Every year, we curate the best interviews, articles, and tips from our research at Behance’s 99% think tank to make a beautifully design newsprint magazine – which gets distributed at our annual 99% Conference.
This year’s selection includes interviews with Persepolis artist and filmmaker Marjane Satrapi and Facebook designer Ben Barry, as well as tips on building a better bio, making big (bold) decisions, and getting into the creative flow.

print design


print design


newspaper design

Visual System FCCh – Christian Jofre

The Film Commission Chile was created to promote Chile as a movie production destination, to help choosing locations, to provide all kind of services and a link between government and private companies. FCCh’s visual identity is inspired in a precise artifact: gaffer tape (colored duct tape). The tape is omnipresent in the world of movie production. Tapes unite, join, mark, hold, point, remind and help to work. Due to its flexibility, the lines and shape of the tape resemble the classic movie celluloid film. The image is drawn up in different directions, taking us to a dynamic universe that conceptually speaks about the FCCh linking mission.

print design inspiration


print design


brochure designs

Personal Identity – Guilherme Dultra Villar

Because Guilherme is such a different and difficult name to say in English, I decided to have the pronunciation be my workdmark in my personal identity. It is both functional and minimal which allows the focus to be on my projects and achievements.

identity designs


print design collection


folder folio

Responsive Business Cards – LemonGraphic

25 degree quick response business card is a clean and highly detailed textured business card design. All contents on the business card are aligned to 25 degrees angle. This is how the name came about.



business cards


business cards

FGV Cruzeiros – Cafe.art.br

editorial design


folio design



Print Design Inspiration – Ryan Tauss

Packaging: wooden crate w/ metal handle Book: feature of ghost’s work with other art related clients. Hand stitched binding. Creative Direction: Matt Pickett Designers: Alex Gelmers, Joel Schierloh, Nealay Patel, Ryan Tauss

self promotion

package design




creative direction


book design

Editorial Design – Sebastian Barrena





poster designs


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