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The Price Of Creative Business Cards

By now we have all seen plenty of image posts of creative business cards, which usually feature cards made of metal, meat, and translucent material. Have any of you thought about the price of these creative business cards? I decided to find out for myself how much certain business cards would actually cost to purchase. I recorded the prices based on the default options for each business card. I tried to keep the order quantity at 100, or at least the minimum amount I could order. I have included links to the vendors, just incase any of you want to go ahead and purchase these business cards.

1. Metal Business Card

These business cards are definitely cool. They are also a wee bit expensive. They can run as much as $2.50 per card. The custom die cutting is included, which totally rocks. If you would like to get your hands on these bad boys be sure to plan ahead. According to the site I looked at, it takes roughly 3 weeks to get them printed.

Starting Price: 100 for $250
Material: 0.5mm Thick Stainless Steel
Vendor: MyMetalBusinessCard.Com

2.  Beef Jerky Business Cards

 According to information I found these are made from 100% beef jerky, and the information you want on the card is seared in with a 150 Watt  C02 Laser. Check out this neat behind the scenes image gallery of. I am not too sure behind the practicality behind these business cards, unless you owned a beef jerky company or you’re a butcher. Furthermore, I have read these cards are not edible so If anyone wants to try and buy them just follow the link below.

Starting Price:  Pay–what–you–want.  Plus $5 US shipping
Material: 100% Beef Jerky
Vendor: Meat Cards

3.  Growable Business C

Business cards that grow? According to one printing company its possible. It’s a pretty neat idea having a plant grow out of your business cards. I am sure businesses that sell organic and eco-friendly goods would benefit from this type of business card. These growable business cards are also relatively inexpensive. Click on the link below to order a set.

Starting Price: $29.95 for 100
Material:  Plantable Seed Paper
Vendor: Day2Day Printing

4.  Wooden Business Cards

Need more business cards? Get business cards printed on wood! The website I browsed had several different wood options to choose from. I actually got a quote based on the exact image above. This particular business card is actually laser engraved, which gives it that nice clean and crisp cut on the text. The die cut was also included. The price for these business cards is not too bad either.

Starting Price: $180 for 200
Material:  0.45 mm Thick Wood
Vendor: Luxury Wood Works

5. NFC Business Cards

NFC business cards are embedded with a microchip that is programmed to do several tasks based on what you have instructed it to do. Touch your recipient’s smart phone with these cards and watch them go from possum to awesome. So how much is it to get in on the digital escapades? It will only cost you $2.00 per card.

Starting Price: $200 for 100
Material:  0.5 mm Stock Business Card Paper
Vendor:  Name Bump

6.  Plastic Business Card

This business card example has the viewfinder display of a camera. It is a clever effect, especially if you’re a professional photographer. This effect can be achieved by printing on translucent material such as clear plastic. There is a printing company that prints on clear plastic, but their quantities start at 500, so be prepared to put down some cash.

Starting Price: $200 for 500
Material: 20 Pt. Clear Plastic
Vendor: Day2Day Printing

7. Letterpressed Business Cards

If you want business cards that feel and look luxurious, then go with letterpressed business cards. These cards are printed on paper that is 100% cotton. The paper feels like fabric and looks hand made.If you want to order a set for yourself you will need to play the waiting game again. It will take at least 2-3 weeks to get these works of art printed. These business cards start at $80 for a set of 50, but the price quickly adds when you add additions such as PMS color, rounded corners, and edge paint.

Starting Price: $80 for 50
Material: 100% Cotton Crane Lettra Paper
Vendor: Cotton Paperie

8.  Circle Business Cards

Think outside the box with these circle business cards. There are lots of great examples of these business cards running around the net. A great design on these business cards can easily distinguish a brand from its competitors. These die cut business cards are also affordable.

Starting Price: $69 for 250
Material: 16 Pt. Ultra Thick Cover Stock
Vendor: Day2Day Printing

9. Catapult Business Cards

Start an office war with your buddies with these awesome catapult business cards.  All you need is some free time and a couple of materials. You can check out the step-by-step instructions by heading over to Instructables. If your really lazy you can just go ahead and buy them from Cardnetics. They have other really kick ass card products.

Starting Price: $137.50 for 25
Material: 90 lb or 140 lb Card Stock
Vendor: Cardnetics

10. Diamond Studded Business Card

This business card is overkill. Black Astrum produces these opulent business cards and they are currently offered by invite only. I am not sure why you would hand these cards out at a networking event, then again I am not a millionaire. Click on the link to check out their cheesy flash webpage.

Starting Price: $1,500 for 1
Material: 30 Karat Layered In Thick Swiss Metal
Vendor: Black Astrum

Have any of you gone out of your way to purchase these creative business cards? Where they worth the dough? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any pictures of your business cards share them as well.

Luis Salazar is passionate about marketing, graphic design, and animation. He writes for The Print Blog. When not working at his desk Luis loves go running with his dog Lokie, and jamming on his guitar.

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