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Polish Nature Photographer Ewelina Kural

Ewelina Kural is a Polish nature photographer. She was born in 1987 as one of twins in a small town near Cracow. She got her Master’s degree in American Studies in 2011. The wonderful years where she gathered knowledge about American history, an understanding of American politics and an insight in literature. Not to mention a host of other topics such as their Constitution, culture, society, the various ethnic groups and US foreign policy. Those were the best 5 years of her life.

Her journey with photography started in 2009 at 21 years old when she got her first camera. It was like a love at first sight. She knew it wouldl become something more then just a hobby. It became her whole life. Even though Ewelina is still learning and juggling a full time job as an assistant photographer photography has became her greatest passion. She likes to thinks it made her see the world differently. For some people taking photos of flowers is such a foolish cliché thing, for her it is something more. Photography gives them new life. Each photo is a part of who she is, each gives a part of her. She puts the joy it brings her into each of the photos she takes. Inspired by all that surrounds her, she hopes that her photos can inspire others to see the beauty she sees in her lens. With each passing year since getting her first camera each photo has displayed a maturing eye. One that can capture the inner beauty of its lines and colors. With each photo lessons learned can be seen. Every critique helps bring her to a new plateau. The growth can be seen in her art. Every photo an opportunity to grow at her craft as she pours her heart each one. Follow her Facebook Fan Page

Her favorite quote : “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” -Dorothea Lange

“I’m just a Women who wants to find her place in this world and learn how to become Pro Photographer”

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