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Best Poker Themes for WordPress

Poker blogs have been growing in popularity since 2003 due to the worldwide explosion of poker.  Some of you may be thinking of starting your own blog but do not have the time to code a theme.  There are numerous WordPress themes available for bloggers and today we present you some of the best poker themes for WordPress.


This sharp looking theme is simplistic but looks very sharp.  Some may want to tinker with the colors for a more pleasing look.  Text is in a right-aligned box with links on the columns to the left.


One of the more professional themes you will run across with a solid color scheme, floating-page design, and typical blogroll layout.  One of the better pre-fab themes you will find.


Poker and butterflies may not “fly” with guys, but many female bloggers should appreciate the theme.  While very girly with the green color scheme and butterfly layout, it is still a very professional looking blog that focuses on content.


A very simple blog with a straightforward and crisp layout.  Layout is very similar to Green Girly theme but with more male tones.


If you like text focused blogs, then you should pick up Poker Dev 8.  The right box is where your links and ads will reside while 75% of your blog will host your text content.


Another somewhat simple theme from Themes Junction with a silver tone to it.  If you choose this one, you may want to change the background color from gray to another as the banner color blend into the background making the banner appear to overrun.

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  • http://www.websitetemplates.org/ Stacy Summers

    WordPress is a rockstar!) and these themes are coool! Thanks for sharing )

    • http://www.smokingdesigners.com/ Evan Varsamis

      You are Welcome Stacy :)


    Custom website theme creation requires more time and
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    Thank you for sharing various WordPress themes.