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Photo Manipulation Creativity By Giada Laiso

Today we are featuring a young talent. Giada Laiso from Italy has studied Photography and new technologies of Art in Milan Academy and below you may find some of her amazing photo manipulated photos.

I studied paintings for five years and this has greatly influenced my photography style, I’m fascinated by surrealism and paintings subjects. My photographic universe is the concrete form of my imagination, I like to combine what is possible and what is not. My photos features characters captured from a dream, a dream from a parallel universe. I’m guided by my imagination, every picture is a piece of thousands worlds vivid in my mind, every setting that I chose is a wrapper that contains a timeless parallel dimension, in which each character is locked in its history. Nature and mysterious atmospheres bring me in lost places, unknown but fascinating. Dreams can have varying natures, such as frightening, magical, melancholic and adventurous..I try to represent that moments through photography. I define my pictures Dreams On Parade.

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