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Photo Manipulation Creativity #15

Hello and welcome everyone to our new weekly series of posts, as you have probably seen from the title this series will be about photo manipulations, every week or maybe twice a week we will post as many photo manipulations I can find through the internet to inspire you. If you wish to participate send us your photos at submit@smokingdesigners.com otherwise Enjoy.


Meet Evan Varsamis

Evan Varsamis is driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. The company he founded, Cloudie Co. is a testament of that. Evan is constantly seeking to invest in new startup projects that support his vision.

  • http://twitter.com/stylishdiamond_/status/80168162720624640 Cassie

    Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://bit.ly/kzIcNw

  • http://twitter.com/photoinspire/status/80168238973075456 Photography Inspire

    Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://bit.ly/k3sOLX

  • http://twitter.com/seosanjaymaurya/status/80169088755826688 Sanjay Kumar Maurya

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/aKc0F98

  • http://twitter.com/ummadramay/status/80169118828990464 Ummad Ramay

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/kcNyVN1

  • http://twitter.com/k23kamal/status/80169185161920512 Kamal Bansal

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/xhn8owH

  • http://twitter.com/dailytechpost/status/80169254485377024 DailyTechPost

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/MHYQzHj

  • http://twitter.com/dailynews1001/status/80170406077677569 Dailynews1001

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/rZe6Rmp

  • http://twitter.com/bundalovdigg/status/80172484711809024 Milos Bundalo

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/41IIFYj

  • http://twitter.com/gemini7hebest/status/80172531839012864 Bruce Michael

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/7gqQwFB

  • http://twitter.com/priyasinghsmo/status/80178721142751232 Priya Singh

    RT @smokingdesigns: Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://t.co/ZF3Sma4

  • http://twitter.com/photoasia/status/80228050763132929 Christopher Tvärne

    Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://bit.ly/mIR6bE

  • http://twitter.com/photoasia/status/80228050763132929 Christopher Tvärne

    Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 http://bit.ly/mIR6bE

  • http://twitter.com/camillestein/status/80277344002125824 Camille Stein

    Photo Manipulation Creativity #15 | Smoking Designers http://bit.ly/kksArv #photography