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Paris Hilton vs Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton taught Kim Kardashian everything she knows. Namely, how to turn a videotaped sexual dalliance into a lucrative career of posing in a bikini and attending parties.

But with Paris stuck making like Marilyn Monroe to get attention these days, reports indicate the former A-lister finally lost it at a Las Vegas party this week. On August 13, she allegedly flew into a rage when Kim showed up and stole the spotlight.

A witness told Us Weekly Hilton was “fuming” over the luxurious way Kardashian arrived at club Lavo: “She could not believe Kim got a jet and she didn’t. She used to get the jets.”

Once Kim made her way into the hotspot, she demanded far more attention than her former pre-school classmate, which created the main source of tension between the ex-BFFs.

“It’s 100 percent jealousy,” the insider said of Hilton’s feelings toward Kardashian. “Kim is not only doing what Paris did, she’s doing it better, and everyone loves her.”

Added another source: “Kim should thank Paris. Paris gave her her career.”

Hmmm… we think this individual is mistaking Paris Hilton for Ray J.

In a recent interview, Kim was asked about this reported fight with her former pal and simple said: “I try not to let any negativity in. I keep positive people around me, have an amazing family and group of friends and just because I’m not best friends with someone doesn’t mean we are feuding. It’s ridiculous.”

That’s not really a denial, is it?

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