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Revamped Google Maps Now Available on the App Store

Google has begun rolling out version 2.0 of Google Maps for iOS today. Most notably, the new application includes support for the large touch screens found on the iPad and iPad mini. Additionally, like with the recent update to the Android version, enhanced navigation with incident reports and live traffic updates are included. Also new is an Explore function to browse popular places such as restaurants, shopping, playing, and sleeping. This feature is integrated with Zagat ratings and deals via Google


Awesome Branding for Quiet Folk Coffee Shop

These photos showcase the branding of the Quiet Folk Coffee shop. As you can see the designer (Andrew Clark) was responsible for the Logo creation and branding pitch and he did an amazing job. A few words about the designer Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently splitting my time between two creative studios. I believe that great design is both aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive, but also that great design brings functionality to the idea and brand. Having studied both graphic and multimedia


Nexa Slab Font (24 styles) – only $9!

Everyone has one. You know who we mean. That one friend who just has to have the latest gadget or gizmo the second it’s available. The guy who waits on line at the Apple store at midnight for the latest iPad, or the Verizon Wireless store when the newest Android phone hits the street. He just loves showing off that he beat you to the punch on the latest gizmo. Well, we here at Mighty Deals want to help you


Top-Selling Vintage Veneer Font Family – only $9!

Damsels get in it all the time. People pay extra to have it done to their furniture. And the government tries bailing out cities stuck in it. But what about fonts? Yeah, even they can join in on the distressing action. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. We’re talking about distress as a design feature. And with a half-dozen options available, you won’t find a more unique, vintage and grunge-like font than Yellow Design Studio’s top-selling font, Veneer. Veneer Font Family Highlights: Hand Crafted Machines can


Central Judicial Collection Agency in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The new building for the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) is a striking and timeless building to house a comfortable and modern working environment. The building is open, light and transparent. The maximally open façade of the offices has a second skin to meet all the criteria for climatisation, comfort and sustainability. This second skin consists of narrow, curved glass panels and is draped around the volume like an ethereal veil. Since the building is raised above a half-sunken parking facility and has