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The Dynamic Website Design Course

Design Elaborate Websites! With an abundance of sharp themes and templates, just about anyone can create a clean looking site. Take it to the next level with this dynamic design course! Dynamic doesn’t just mean visually impressive… a dynamic web design will give your fans & users a top-notch web experience that


Leverage Case for iPhone 5

Sophistication Meets Functional Design Protect your iPhone 5 without compromising its style. Graft Concept’s Leverage case isn’t for the uncultured. With it’s understated yet elegant design, this case will make your phone pop. The unique clasp locking system is what makes Leverage great. Inspired by high-end watch clasps, the metal latch


Clearhouse in Shelter Island by Stuart Parr Design

Clearhouse is a modern one story residence,  suspended over the ground level. The lack of regular walls favours surprising views. The lush surroundings are the perfect place to go for a walk and rediscover the simple things in life. The lovely, emerald green environment helps you feel rejuvenated and clear your mind. Its unusual walls exhales transparency and it makes it look that there is no border between the nature, the enviorment, and the habitable place. The suspended fireplace creates a truly


The Summer Creative Design Bundle

Stack Up on Thousands of UI/UX Design Resources. If you are looking for a UI/UX bundle that has it all, look no further. As a designer, there is no such thing as too many resources. It’s simple, the more assets you have, the more combinations and unique designs you can deliver. The


The Wall House by FARM

This is a tale of two houses – similar looking, yet independent and coming together to form a coherent whole. The two blocks sit on a sprawling piece of land, belonging respectively to the retired parents and one of their children. This separation of the house into two blocks, in part