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Optimize WordPress in Five Minutes Tips and Tricks

Optimize WordPress in five minutes is a tutorial that I have created for people that have no idea on how to code or to  develop a WordPress website and it will help them optimize their website with a few tricks like, cleaning old trackbacks, removing old posts and fixing Errors from Google web master tools. About a month ago we have finished the re-design of our website which took us between 15-20 days. The next step was to optimize our database and remove old low quality posts and trackbacks. I have to say that it is not an easy task to maintain a clean WordPress website especially if multiple authors are producing content.

Starting with the trackbacks

I have recently discovered that before we implement the Disquss Comment system we had hundreads of useless trackbacks on our articles, we are talking about 160.000 useless trackbacks that made our SQL database slow. So we have decided to remove all of them and for 2 people it took us 48 hours with the following trick.

  • Login to WordPress
  • Go from the Sidebar to All Comments
  • Go to the screen options (top right) and Uncheck the 2 options and set the view limit to 100 (shared hosting)
  • Then type on the search the following  […] 
  • Now select all trackbacks and move them to trash.
  • Repeat the last two steps until you delete them all.
  • When you finish remember to empty trash

Optimize WordPress Database

This is one of the most important things when you are running WordPress is keeping your database clean and optimized which means healthy and secure website. Many people are afraid of touching their database which is logical if they have no idea what they are doing, but here is a plugin called Wp-Optimize that more than 200.000 webmasters are using and have rated with 5/5 stars. I myself using this plugin to optimize weekly this website’s database so don’t be afraid about anything. Just in case though and remember to do this every time you optimize WordPress, Backup your database.

  • Install Wp-Optimize
  • Go its settings
  • and tick the following (Remove all Post revisions, Remove all auto draft posts, Optimize database tables)
  • Click Process

Optimize WordPress

After the optimization finishes check the results, it should show something like this 1240.45kb Saved. If you run the the optimization for the first time this number should be a lot bigger especially if you have more than 500 articles published.

optimize wordpress

The Final Steps

The last step is to check your Google web master tool Errors. So login and go straight to Diagnostics/HTML Suggestions. Maybe some people dont have HTML errors (lucky ones) but if you do here are your options.

Option 1) Edit articles one by one and correct the html errors given by GWMT.

Option 2) If they are low quality old articles just delete them.

Option 3) Install Robots Meta plugin and edit each article by adding the “Noindex,Nofollow” Attribute.

After you finish with either option you have chosen you must wait about 1-2 weeks minimum in order for the articles to get re-indexed by google and therefore your html suggestions to vanish. One last tiny step that you should consider doing after the optimization is logging into Web master tools for one more time after about 1-2 weeks and go through Diagnostics/Crawl Errors and remove the 404 errors in case you have deleted your old articles.

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