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An Office Space To Suit Your Business

According to specialists, designing your office space to support your business model and culture is top priority. Company owners and architects work to come up with the perfect space to “foster their culture of collaboration, communication and transparency”. They may choose to get rid of walls, open up large spaces and a kitchen in the middle of the office to enable all day long collaboration.

What kind of office space can complement your business model? Consider the following points.

Open versus closed space. If you are trying to encourage collaboration in all forms, open spaces in the office are the best solutions. From workspaces to cafes to meeting spaces with low panels, there are plenty of open plan office ideas you can use. If your employees need to concentrate during the working day or if some workers often make conference calls, it’s a good idea to provide some privacy within the office.

Heating and lighting. If you want to create a productive environment, do your best to provide thermal comfort as temperature is the most common employee complaint. The key point is how the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system works and if additional equipment is needed. Make sure there’s at least some natural light in the office, especially if employees are not just engaged in making conference calls.

Flexibility. Again, if you encourage collaboration, a flexible office space is more productive than a fixed one for your business model. In this case, conference rooms can be used for different tasks including scheduled meetings, spontaneous brainstorming as well as quiet individual work. Providing Wi-Fi for all office spaces creates opportunities for productive work at lunchrooms and other common areas.

Technology. The positioning of a modern office is no longer dependent on network connections. Any modern office should be wired to support Wi-Fi in order to provide maximum flexibility. Ensure video conferencing and files can be accessed from anywhere in the office. If some employees work from home, make sure office technology supports them as well.

Ergonomic design. Provide a comfortable environment depending on your employees’ needs as the impact of office furniture design on employee productivity is enormous. Survey your employees about what can help them attend their daily tasks better and make sure office furniture is adjustable.

Designing an office to complement your business model is more than just choosing furniture and wall paint. There are ways to make any business environment more productive.

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    We have to agree, location and design of your office is very important, as if you don’t have a nice office then your employees are not going to feel motivated to work as hard as they would in a nice office.

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