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MyPrice The App Every Freelancer Needs

Today we are going to review a great iPhone application for freelancers. I am sure that most of the freelancers have a common problem, which is calculating the price of the services that they provide. As a freelancer, you are in the unique position to decide how much money you will make this year. Although there will be many factors in which your bank account eventually sees, your hourly rate is a big determining factor.

Below, we showcase MyPrice, an iPhone app designed by MD Interaktiv (@mdinteraktiv). This application is ideal for freelancers because it lets you calculate how much you can charge for your independent professional services, taking under account factors like the kind of project, client, location, as well as your education and experience. One of the hardest decisions that a freelancer will ever have to make is that of deciding how much to charge for their services. If you get this decision wrong, you could be paying for it for a long time. The wrong rate could ultimately even cause your freelancing business to fail. There are many different opinions about what a freelancer should charge. No one’s rate fits every situation or every freelancing specialty. This application will help you determine but also calculate your hourly rates.

Basic Features

Ideal Hourly Rate: Keep a log of your working and personal expenses so that when you find the price you may charge per hour, all those expenses get covered and also you make a profit.

+75 Specific Projects: Let’s face it, freelancers love charging per hour, it’s easier. But sometimes the client wants to know the price for the hole project and it’s not easy to track upfront all the hours that will be spent in the project. MyPrice can help you with a starting point of how much an specific project should cost according to the client, the freelancers’ experience and even the city where he/she lives.

Jobs: Go ahead and take a look at the job offers all around the world, apply for them and earn some money.

How does it work

The user fills a small questionary about their education, work experience and expenses, the app will deliver an estimate price to charge per hour. Also the user can calculate an estimate of an specific project by selecting the main characteristics that the project will have. In addition, they will be able to compare their prices with the ones of the market considering the place where they live and also the client.


Cloud based: You have all your data on the cloud, so no matter where you are using your iPhone or iPad you will be working with the same data.

Tips: Twice a week, the app delivers small freelancing tips, handy articles that can help young freelancers building a career.

Freshbooks Integration: You can calculate a price inside the app and send an estimate to your freshbooks account.

Location, location, location: The app uses your location for deliver a base price, if you live in Seatlle your rates are different than for someone who lives in NYC


Professions: The specific projects for the app are focused for the most part in web & graphic design, would be nice to have other careers to like photography. The creators told us that they are working on more professions.

my price


My Price App


my price


ui interface


my price app

Bottom line: If you are a young or inexperienced freelancer this app is a must, is perfect for your freelance career.

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