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Must Have Gadgets for the Summer

Summer has already started for many countries from around the world and we love it! We’ve complied a super awesome collection with must have gadgets that are useful and super cool to use this summer. From Solar iPhone chargers to fancy beach towels, scroll and discover the most amazing gadgets that you should definitely consider buying!

Cash Money Beach Towel

 The Cash Money Beach Towel-wrap yourself up in a $100. Cash out with the coolest beach towel ever featuring a hundred dollar bill graphic.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Finally, a solution to those pesky Ben & Jerry’s-stealing roommates of yours. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lock. It features a 3-digit combination and will keep your pint of ice cream secure.

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

What do you get when you cross a roulette wheel with a bartender? No, not a drink that makes your head spin. It’s the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker. Try the I Feel Lucky button a super-cool feature that’s guaranteed to crank any party into high gear. Just hit the button, and it will happily suggest a drink.

VW Camper Van Tent

Exact Scale Replica VW Camper Van Tent in Blue At a recent festival it struck the guys at the Monster Factory by the lack of innovation in the tent market . Row after row of similar tents meant we had to put our heads together to come up with something truly different.

XD5 Action Sports Case For iPhone 5

Fitting the iPhone 5 like a glove, this totally redesigned case is leaner, lighter, and stronger, all with an even higher waterproof rating. If that wasn’t enough we also added a second door for access to the charging connector, headphone jack and microphone.

Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop And Stack

Today’s home chef demands tools that deliver consistent, superior performance with every use. Cuisipro tools have been designed to perform each specific task with precision and ease while always meeting the highest standard for quality, comfort, and convenience.

Monkey Light Bike Wheel Light

When the sun goes down stay visible – the Monkey Light M232 turns your evening bike ride into an instant party. The MonkeyFX system creates thousands of amazing patterns in your spinning bicycle wheel. With cutting edge digital light art, the M232 is sure to get you noticed at night.

The Big Face Woody

Finally, a wood watch you’ll love! Made by NFNT (pronounced “infinite”) from all natural bamboo, The Big Face Woody is lightweight, durable and eco-friendly. It is the first wood watch of it’s kind featuring a large face and small bezel so you see the time, and not a chunk of wood when you look at your wrist.

Opena Case For iPhone 5

With the Opena case your iPhone is fully protected and you will never go thirsty again. The perfect companion for parties, bbq’s and pretty much any situation which requires a bottle opener!

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

For kids who want to play Marco Polo or who beg you to throw them over your shoulder in the pool, consider distracting them…er, entertaining them with the Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter.

Tuf Rack

Tough like a tank, yet still on average 25% lighter than the competition’s tray style racks. Built with pride using only North American materials, Tuf Rack is guaranteed indestructible.

Whale Sprinkler

A favorite warm-weather pastime, running through the sprinklers is even more fun with a big blue whale making a splash. Attaches easily to a standard garden hose.

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