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Modern Parts from Past Events By Sergey Larenkov

Dear friends, if you are interested in traveling to the past, I’ll try to help you with this. But be warned, often conceals very scary story page, and return to the present is much more pleasant to travel into the past.

Sergey Larenkov has developed a technique in which it is t presents modern parts in connection with past events.Most of work is devoted to the period of World War II. The strongest impression on produces a series of papers on the siege of Leningrad, this is my hometown. In addition, here you will find the defense of Moscow, the liberation of Prague and Vienna, the storming of Berlin, some of the pages of life in Paris.Cherished memory, and endless gratitude photographers and war correspondents who brought us images of a bygone era.Have a nice trip into the past.

Let loose of your imagination by viewing these amazing pictures captured by the photographic lens of to Sergey Larenkov.

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