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The Way Models Dress Casual Part 2

The way the models dress casual is an independent article, it isn’t follow a series of articles but every time we have content we’ll separate it in parts. These posts as I said includes photographs of models in spontaneous moments in times outside of catwalks. You can see in these photos their whole style. Starting from the shoes, it seems that most of them prefer to wear flat boots. The style of making their hair are mostly leisurely chignon or sloppily and in their face wearing simple make up. About the accessories as the sunglasses that wear is always stylish. However as shown they prefer leather casual bags and always take my attention their simple and sleek jackets.

Obviously their looks isn’t fancy as the catwalks but with the simplicity and the sense of style you can see a really nice result. You can take ideas from the way that the models dress casual and enjoy!

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