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Should Minimalistic Web Design Be Kept to a Minimum?

The world of web design continues to evolve at a rapid pace, innovative tools and technologies have expanded the horizon for web designers and their creativity. The Internet is full of colourful websites that are not shy of implementing intricate layouts, abundant graphics, elaborate animations, stunning typography and the level of interactivity that most users expect.

But what about simplicity and the minimalistic approach to design? Can a website be minimal in design and still be attractive to the user? Can the user be equally engaged and be impressed? Of course the answer is yes.

Less is more

Do you remember that wise popular expression “less is more?” Well when it comes to web design the same holds true, not every website can benefit from a smorgasbord of colours and a flood of graphics and animated elements, in fact in a lot of cases it can cause the user to disengage and loose focus rather quickly. Sure you might impress your visitor with a jaw-dropping design and entertain the eye for a bit, but what about the message it’s supposed to deliver? This is why minimalistic design can be a very helpful and wise approach to communicate with the user clearly and efficiently.

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Boring? Uninteresting? Not really.

A minimalistic website does not equate into a boring design nor does it have to be, but this of course depends mostly on how the design is executed. It’s is rather compelling to see how many websites showcase fantastic creativity with a good dose of fine details and simple touches. All this makes the user experience intuitive, clear and memorable.

Don’t make the mistake of many by assuming that a minimalistic website is not exciting, attractive or uninteresting, and therefore start working on a really complicated and loaded design. Why not start simple and clean? If it doesn’t work well then you can always add more design elements, colours, and make tweaks accordingly.

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Is this really “me?”

We all know that not everyone can pull-off wearing a suit or a night gown, or at the very least not all occasions merit that you do. Well the same applies to the habitants of the world wide web, which is why it is important that a web designer knows his craft and knows when it’s proper to go one direction or the other.

Let us imagine for a moment that you are working on a portfolio design for a photographer, we know that it is imperative that we don’t steal the attention from the photographs. A colourful and graphic-heavy design will only serve to distract the focus of the users, instead we want them to pay close attention to the composition and the subject matter of the photographs, after all we want the users to get familiar with the photographer’s work and not get distracted by yours.

At last, let us also image that we are dealing with a musician’s latest pop album release and the website needs to not only sell, but it also needs to illustrate the genre and the lyrics that will be featured in the album, well this might be the proper opportunity to let your creative juices flow without any restrictions. Colours, graphics, illustrations and artsy typography are yours for the taking.

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