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Milan Fashion Week Gucci Collection Fall Winter 2012 for Men

Milan Fashion Week Gucci Collection A/W 2012 for Men is an article that presents the upcoming trends. I’m glad to writing this article because this Cucci collection for men is really stunning. These clothes refers you in an other age when the barons wore classy coat in a combination of the decades that rock stars were in the top. The designers favorite color here is the blue but my attention take the bordeaux and the cypress that it is very good choice for winter although it is a variety of fabrics leather coats, velvet and furs even thought it’s pioneering for men it will be worn this season and don’t forget what they wore in the past.

Long or short trench coats, casual woolen jackets and woolen sweaters it was and it is in fashion with the difference of the fabrics and the colors. I have so much to write for this runway but I have to finish of and let you enjoy.

This collection I believe represent the most of men but for more eccentric of you I’m suggesting you to take a look at Alexanders McQueen collection.  Tell me your opinion for Milan Fashion Week Gucci Collection A/W 2012 for Men.

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