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LogoArena – Let Your Logo Come From Crowd

Some people hold the view that they don’t need a logo for their business. They think what can a small icon do to help grow their name? The founders of Microsoft, Facebook and Google are ranked amongst the richest persons of the world. All of them have decent logos for their businesses. This much evidence should be enough to dispel the doubts of all logo skeptics. You can always hire a logo designer to design a logo for you, of course, but this method has some serious flaws.

One of them is that you have only one designer to work with. Though some designers promise that they will revise the design if you don’t like it but usually the number of these revisions are limited. Secondly usually the designers give minor tweaks to the original logo in the name of “redesign”. You will have very limited options to choose from. The better way to get a logo is to start a contest where many different designers will compete to win a prize. This way you can select a logo from many different logos designed by many different designers. The problem is many such websites are available on the internet. Which one to select? Our recommendation is LogoArena as they have brilliant graphic designers. Take a look at the home page above. As the page says you can get a logo in three easy steps.

STEP 1 The first step is to fill out a design brief and set up a price amount. Obviously no designer can work until you give him some instructions. In this step you have to provide some inputs as per your requirements. You will be asked to enter your business type, what key things you wish your logo to communicate, which market you are targeting, what type of logo you want etc.

These features impart a great deal of feasibility to both you and the designers. For e.g. take a look at the screen shot below. The page headed “Styles of Logo” enables you to select a category from the seven available categories. Then you have to choose a prize set up and contest length. The “prize” means the amount that you are willing to pay to the designer whose logo you select. The minimum amount is 249$ and you can go on to pay as much as you want. A higher prize money will ensure that you get more and better entries. “Contest length” implies the number of days you wish your contest to run. You can choose from 5, 7 or 10 days. The admin fee for LogoArena is only 10$. Then you merely have to sign-up for a free account and make the payment. That’s all!

Step 2 is rather more simple than step 1 and so is step 3. In step 2 you don’t really have to do much work. Just sit and watch while the designers submit their logos on the website as per your needs. You only have to rate them and provide any feedback you feel like. Though it’s not compulsory but recommended as the more feedback you provide the more quality results you will receive.

Step 3 When all the entries are submitted you have to choose a winner. The winner will be notified via email and he will then upload the logo file. Then you will have to download the files and approve them.

Once LogoArena receives your approval the prize amount will be transferred to the winner’s PayPal id after subtracting a 15% commission. Take a look at the site and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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