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Limited time offer : Grab “Verb”, the most hyped font family while it’s hot!

We are dependent on typography for delivering our messages in a perfect way. If the typeface is not great, the viewer will probably miss it and all our work will be useless. As a graphic designer you will always struggle to find the perfect font for the job but this search could be extremely tricky. If you want to search for something new and fresh, this could be difficult because choosing a font which can be unknown and not tested by others, it could be exactly like going blind in a desert. You can’t know if it will well-received by the viewers.

Well, one of the most interesting and popular font family nowadays is “Verb”. With 18 types of fonts, it can easily cover many types of text formats and to deliver the bang.

For a limited time, this gorgeous font is discounted from $270 to a stunning $9, which means a 97% rebate! You’ll save $261 on a font that Is one of the most wanted in the design world.

 The “Verb” font family includes:

–        Unique fonts based on the sans-serif family which are perfect for getting your point across without screaming out loud;

–        A plenty of professional typographic features such as small caps, discretionary ligatures, oldstyle numerals and so on;

–        Nine different weights for whatever mood you are trying to set.

–        18 different fonts such as verb extralight, extralight italic, bold, semibold, extrabold and many more.


Here are more gorgeous examples of “Verb” in action:

So, don’t miss this deal because there’s a high probability that you won’t get another massive discount on it.



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