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Explore Lefkada in Greece Through 30 Photographs

Explore Lefkada in Greece Through 30 Photographs is a place that I have visited 2 years ago. I have been inspired to do this article because I’m thinking and I’m reminiscing the Summer. These photos have taken by me(Cassie Ousta) and Evan Varsamis with a professional Sony DSLR camera. We went at many places but in the photos below you’ll see places as a secret beach in Scorpios (Scorpios is an independent  island that belongs to Onasis Family) in a point that allow to go because all the island have security and for having access there the only way to go is boat.

The photographs with the turquoise water is the famous Porto Katsiki beach that it is a little away from most areas in Lefkada but it’s worth to see this beautiful landscape. Another place is a village witch called Vasiliki and it’s famous from the traditional taverns. This place with these amazing colors primarily blue and all shades of it represent Greece. Lefkada located at Ionios Sea and combined the nature of a mountain with sea. Explore Lefkada in Greece Through 30 Photographs is a quite place for vacation that it is a really good destination for all ages.

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