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Invoicing Solution and Project Management By Pancake App

Invoicing and project management is one of the parts of running a small business that can get in the way of doing your best work. There are an increasing number of monthly subscription services and desktop apps that aim to take away the pain of handling clients.

Pancake app is a self-hosted invoicing application that you can run on your own web host and set up in minutes. It’s built using the popular CodeIgniter PHP framework & MySQL, meaning you own all your data without needing to pay a 3rd party a monthly fee.

pancake app

Beyond just invoicing, Pancake lets you create projects, milestones, tasks & hours to share with your colleagues and clients. Once a project is complete, you can generate a ready-made invoice with line items & hourly rates with one click.

If you want to share those projects with your clients, it’s easy to give them access to their own client area where they can add comments and see what you have been working on – meaning it’s easy to walk them through each step of the project.


When the time comes for payment, you can to upload your deliverables with the invoice, but they’re only made available to download on payment. This means you can avoid every small business’ nightmare where the customer promises payment, but lets it slip their mind once they have the files…

For anyone who enjoys tinkering with their software, Pancake lets you theme templates in HTML and CSS – such as your admin backend, invoices, or making your proposals match your brand identity. Being able to customize Pancake makes it stand out among other invoicing software.

The low cost of ownership is also a real selling point. At $49 a license Pancake stacks up against other services that charge a monthly fee. Minor updates are available for free & major versions enjoy a reduced upgrade fee. Even if you’re not the most tech savvy person, the Pancake Instant service will install the app on your hosting for you.

pancake app

As a little appetizer, the first 10 readers to use the code smoking2012 can enjoy $10 off Pancake. Eat them up quick!

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