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Interview with Artist Mattjin Franseen

After many months of inactivity with our interviews we are back for good and we are preparing more than 5 interviews for April. Here we have as a guest Mattjin Franssen which he mostly does photomontage, animation works and oil-painting. We have asked him a few questions in order to learn more his talent and technics. If you are interested on giving us an interview you can Apply Here.

1) What is your full name and where exactly do you live?

My name is Mattijn Franssen and i live in the Netherlands.

2) What is your occupation?

I am an artist;  photomontage/ animation/ oilpainting and music.

3) What are the top three things you like do when you have free time.i

I really enjoy riding my bike, watching movies/ documentaries but also listening to music

4) What inspired you when you were younger to pursue your career?

Watching art from artists like Escher, Don Lawrence,Willink

5) What are the two things you always have with you, on your desk, when you

are working?

Well, my cat and some hot chocolate

6) Are you a Mac or PC user?


7) What applications do you use the most?

Mostly photoshop and aftereffects

8) Have you ever traveled? If so, where to?

I’ve visited the borobodur in Indonesia, the mountains in France and

some castles in Germany and Belgium

9) Here is a tough one, what inspires you? Is there a specific website that

you browse? Do you go out for a walk?

Going out on my bike usually does the trick

10) Show me your masterpiece (Website, Poster, Photograph)

Here it is, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattijn/6907374642/sizes/o/in/photostream/

11) Are you a self learner? Which skills have you developed by yourself?

I am selftaught in all I do.

Check his Flickr Photo-stream | Add him on Facebook

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