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Some Interesting iPhone Apps for Freelancers

Here we have gathered some of the most interesting iPhone apps for freelancers and designers. A few days ago in the WWDC Apple Event Tim Cook said that there are currently more than 500.000 apps in the AppStore and so it makes it a bit hard to find a useful app for your profession. Today we feature just some of the apps we personally use and we think that they are worth of buying. To find out more about each application below simply click on their titles.

Camera Genius

Camera Genius still has all the features you have grown to love including: a 6x digital zoom, video with real-time zoom, anti-shake, burst mode, big button, timer, sound shot, camera guides, and a photography manual.

What photo app would be complete without the ability to edit your photos? We have over 40 filters! From Grunge, 70s style, Lomo and Cross Processing to Flash, Cinema, and Pseudo HDR we have got you covered! Turn a drab photo into a work of art with a single click.

Need to get that photo or video onto Facebook, Twitter, Flickr? We have got you covered! Now post your photos and videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Tumblr, YouTube, Clipboard and Email. You can even post to multiple services at once!



Calculate design fees: How much time do you need to design a business card, a brochure or a webdesign? With DESIGNFEE all it takes is a few clicks to calculate fees, estimate time effort, calculate usage, create quotes and send them right away via email.
The app contains a database, in which there are hundreds of sample calculations for the fields of graphic design, web design, photography and text / concept, which you can use immediately – or customize to suit your own needs and save them for future projects.
Each project can be simple, medium or difficult. To simulate all these different situations, you can  calculate any task with “easy”, “medium” and “difficult”. The DESIGNFEE-Calculator suggests the appropriate calculations.
With the DESIGNFEE-Calculator you can calculate the use factor: usage extend, usage area, usage period, usage intensity.
Once you have created a quote, you can send it directly via e-mail to your customer. Simply press the e-mail-button and all your important facts of the quote (project name, hourly rate, calculated working-time, usage rights and costs) are delivered to your email. It could not be simpler.
Each calculation is based on your hourly rate. Unfortunately the hourly rate of many creative people is far too low. We tend to forget our monthly expenses: such as rent, telephone, insurance, etc. In addition, the billible time is overrated. All the non billible times for training, vacation, sick days, etc. tend to be overlooked. With our free in-app hourly rate charge you can estimate your hourly rate and calculate your quotes on a realistic basis.


Every iPhone user uses password manager, but if you don’t then this is the application you should use for managing you passwords and identity. It has more than 1 million users and costs $6.99.

interesting iphone app


Pingdom is an uptime monitoring service and this application will help you to connect to it from your iPhone. You can get alerts directly to your iPhone, view current status of monitored sites, view uptime and response time stats and get information about each check such as monitoring resolutions.

interesting iphone apps

FTP 2 Go

If you website need some fixes and modification and you are not you desk then this application will helps you. This application lets you login into your sever from your iPhone.

interesting iphone apps

Color Stream

Color Stream is an other color tool for iPhone. It can generate a combination of colors from a picture. You can save multiple color palettes, save them and rate them. It costs $2.99.

interesting iphone apps

Read it Later

This iPhone application lets you save pages and download copies of pages so you can read later when you are in offline mode.

read it later screenshot

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