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Interactive Prototypes and Cool Identity Designs

Identity Designs along with cool and inspiring interactive prototypes of iPhone and iPad apps is the portfolio of Guiherne which is a recent graphic design graduate from the VCU in Virginia. We selected this designer to showcase today becuase his works are quite different and fresh. As you can see from his portfolio below he designs colorful and minimal designs mostly, although every single peace of his work is elegant and creative.

Guilherme Dultra Villar is a recent graduate from the department of graphic design at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. His work spans from identity designs to interactive prototypes of iphone and ipad apps. A Brazilian native, Guilherme has been featured on the most recent edition of “Typographic Design: Form and Communication” and recently participated in this year’s Art Director’s Club in New York City. This young designer has a phenomenal eye for detail and simplicity and has particular interests in identity systems, exhibition design, typography, information graphics and strives to create design solutions that are clean but more importantly effective.

Guilherme’s swiss style inspired work reveals a remarkable attention to uniform design elements and strong, pure, geometric shapes. In many aspects, his projects touch on the core proposals of the De Stijl movement. The neoplasticism, as proposed by De Stijl artists, is about elementarism and geometry not only as a form of exploring the potential of the fundamental elements, but as a pursuit of beauty and harmony, hinting on a more mystical belief in ideal geometric forms. His Fortaleza 2020 Olympics project is a great example of that minimal design influence which he so successfully mastered to create effective communication.

Personal Identity Designs

Because Guilherme is such a different and difficult name to say in English, I decided to have the pronunciation be my workdmark in my personal identity. It is both functional and minimal which allows the focus to be on my projects and achievements.

identity designs




identity designs




creative portfolio

Maymont Park Signage

A grid was created from a 3D isometric view of a cube which was then turned on its side. This triangular grid served as the guides to the building of the signage shapes. The signage system would be made out
of a single sheet of rusted salvaged steel to give a worn texture that would ideally mimic the surrounding brown palette of the woods. The geometric quality of the signs would work to detach them from the organic, free-flowing shapes of nature. The ultimate goal is to create a signage system that re-purposes
old steel and harmoniously incorporates them into a park environment.





triangular grid


identity designs


identity designs

Bas Van Der Veer

A six page interactive exhibit was created to showcase Bas van der Veer – a Dutch industrial designer. The spread includes a biography, timeline, and highlights his award-winning Raindrop project. Raindrop is essentially a water barrel which fits around drainage tubes. The barrel stores rain water for garden use and eliminates wasting precious tap water.

Bas van der Veer is a passionate, and ambitious young designer from Jorwerd – a small Frisian village in Northern Netherlands. In his last year at the Design Academy Eidhoven, the Raindrop project received the René Smeets Award for the best and most professional graduation project.

design academy


identity designs


industrial designer


identity designs

Fortaleza 2020

A fictional 2020 Olympic Games project for the city of Fortaleza in northern Brazil. An identity system was created around the primary and secondary logos which emerged from the concept of unity and the environment. The diagonal rectangles can be seen as fanning out from its center to take the circular shape of the sun, or windmill. They can also be seen as coming together, overlapping, and uniting. My goal was to combine both the philosophy of the Olympics games and the qualities, traits, and characteristics particular of Fortaleza

brazil 2020


olympics 2020




identity system










diagonal rectangles

Johannesburg Zoo Pictograms

A versatile modular structural system was constructed for the creation of zoo pictograms. Sketches were made with the quadradius system as inspiration. After a grid was chosen, many shapes and forms were explored to best represent a wide range of animals present in the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa. A set of banners were also made to advertise the adoption program with the real animal as a bitmap image in the background and the corresponding pictogram above

structural system

identity design

zoo pictograms

identity designs

identity design

Meet Evan Varsamis

Evan Varsamis is driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. The company he founded, Cloudie Co. is a testament of that. Evan is constantly seeking to invest in new startup projects that support his vision.