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How to Increase Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes

A Small Increase to your twitter followers and facebook fan page likes might have a huge impact to your sales and traffic. Today we are going to focus on social media marketing and how to drive tons of traffic to your websites no matter in what niche they into. Below I will share with you some of the tactics that we are using and managed to reach increase twitter followers by 50.000 and facebook fan page likes by 10.000 within 3 months. Social media marketing in general is very useful and effective for anyone who maintain a website. Through various social media tools such as twitter, facebook, reddit e.t.c. you can have a 6 figure traffic to your websites in no time. Today we are focusing only in Twitter and Facebook but stay tuned because next week we ll publish a similar article that focuses on Stumbleupon and Digg.

How to Increase Twitter Followers

Increasing twitter followers isnt that hard comparing to facebook likes. Today we are going to share with you some of our secrets on how we have managed to have almost 90.000 twitter followers (@smokingdesigns) but also 25% of our daily traffic comming from twitter. Lets start with the basics, the first thing to do is have a complete profile with a bio explaining what is your profile about (is it about cars, architecture, personal, finance?), moving further,  your best photograph should be your Profile picture, many people will argue here and say that having a brand name/logo is better, well yes it is better for conversion of visitors into customers if you maintain a website with more than 2 million traffic a month so my personal suggestion is to have your own personal photograph that respresents your Profile and Cause.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet…You should tweet constantly, if you are in a group or a company you should rotate your tweets within the day meaning that your profile should publish tweets 24/7 because think about this, You are located in New York City and its 12:00 midnight for you, in Tokyo its +13 hours ahead and so its the middle of the next day. Thats why my frist recommendation here is Buffer App Created by 4 genius developers that makes your tweeting quite fun 24/7. Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule the great content you find. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automagically posts them for you through the day. Simply keep that Buffer topped up to have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long.

increase twitter followers

Having conversations in tweeter also helps A LOT. Most of the Blogs and “Magazine” Websites that I am constantly reading are sharing through their twitter profile articles with links to various of their articles which is not good because that feels like their twitter is an automated robot that shoots scheduled tweets. Bascially if you want to find out everything about having a complete twitter profile with tons of followers you should check out this service like we did about 6 months ago and prooved that its working greatly. There are many products and services out there that promise you followers and traffic from twitter but most of them are scams and so its hard to find the good-quality products that do what they say. Here in SmokingDesigners we’ve started the website having 4-10 maximum 20 tweets to our new articles and now after about 1 year and a half we’ve seen articles with 3000-5000 tweets and thats only the begining. Everyday we get minimum 100-150 retweets on our articles and we have done a lot of reading in order to acomplish this and thats why today we are sharing our tacts with you.

Managing Twitter is also important in order to increase twitter followers of your profile. Managing twitter is about adding, deleting, talking and blocking twitter users and I have a great software for this which it has been working amazingly for us the past years. Its Called TweetBig and litterarelly it lets you do whatever you want to your twitter account. Many users are simply asking for a follow and they say that they will follow you back, well no, this happens only in fairy tales, most people will follow you for a while like a day or so and then they will use a software in order to Mass-Unfollow all of their Following Users. I know, its bad and I am not recommending any tact like this one, all I am saying is to avoid these kind of users.

How to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook, dear Facebook. Since the begining of Facebook Pages users and web masters had a hard time increasing their facebook likes to an article or to facebook Fan Page. There are many internet so called Gurus that have written some great tutorials on how to increase traffic but most of them are outdated today. Below I will simply tell you what have we done in order to reach 20.000 likes for our Facebook Fan Page (SmokingDesigners). The first thing and always the most effective is to put a facebook like button or widget on your blogs/websites sidebar. Users lately click on every like button they see which is good for web masters because they are increasing their audience easier. I’d recommend adding more than 1 facebook buttons in your page, the ideal would be to have one in your sidebar and another at the end of your articles, this way the user cant miss it. Another great way is to open up conversations to your page and Tag groups and people in order to join. An example would be something like this ” Do you think that Apple will Launch iPhone 5 in June or Sempter?” @engadget @macrumors @jeff (<-Apple Addict friend of mine). Something like this specially 10 days before the Apple conference would bring you tons of traffic, but be creative and think of anything similar like this that coudl fit to your niche.

minimal and creative facebook timeline

Another Important factor in nowadays to attract new likes is Facebook Timeline. Above you can see the one that we have designed and people loved it. You should have something familiar with your niche in order your visitors undestands instantly what is it about, I cant stand seeing huge organizations and firms that have a simple photograph as a timeline its ugly and unproductive for their visitors. Facebook Power is a series of courses that we have done mostly last summer in order to get familiar with facebook promotion techniks. The truth is that in order to suceed you have to know your visitors, how they react in your website and facebook fan page, their first impressions etc. Well Facebook Power provides all the knowledge you need in order to achieve great facebook results within days.

My last recommendations are to add your facebook link in your emails and Business Cards, Share lots of photographs that are related to your niche, add videos at least once a month about something interesting and explore facebook ads. Unlike with twitter facebook owns the powerful facebook ads program in which you can invest a few bucks every month like we do and increase facebook organic traffic to your fan pages but also the “talking about this” statistics. I would really recommend to purchase just $50-$100 value of facebook adverts and experiment a bit with the banner and the text, different combinations will always bring you better or worse results. Our last month’s Facebook Fan Page reach was 30.000 people with 20.000 page likes and friends of friends reach was 4.000.000 with only $150 investment.

If you have enjoyed this article stay tuned because next week we will publish a similar one explaining how to get great amounts of traffic from stumbleupon and digg. You can also Subscribe to our Free E-mail Newsletter and stay updated.

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