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The Inception of Photography Part Two

In my previous article, The Inception of Digital Art, I explained how artists use the tools and technologies of today to “plant” their ideas and visions into our minds and memories. From breathtaking renderings of beautiful yet non-existing landscapes to worlds and scenes deeply immerse in fantasy, the ability of a graphic artist to deliver a foreign concept into the audience’s minds is astounding at the very least.

However what about other forms or art? What about images? What about pictures? What about photography? The art of photographing is not only complementary to digital art the same way milk is to coffee, capturing a good photo is at its core also very similar in nature to tracing a nice piece of artwork on a white canvas.

Damier Lihanov

Vision One
What comes to mind when you look at an emotional portrait of someone? Perhaps you can quickly form an opinion about the person in the portrait or maybe you begin to feel emotions that directly or indirectly correspond to the subject matter, perhaps you feel as if you were standing in the same room as the person in the photo. Well this is also a form of inception, a way of planting an idea into the audience’s minds through imagery.

Most likely you have heard that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, but why is that the case? Well messages can be easily delivered through a very strong photo, an entire article in the news paper can be summarised with one or two pictures, emotions, behaviours, culture, ideals, trends, stories, and history can all be captured inside the frame of a good photo, and not only that, but even sounds and movement seems to come out of the surface of a still frame when you let your imagination fill in the details.

Karrah Kobus

You may also find that a photo can “tele-transport” you within seconds to remote places you have never set foot on before, it can take you deep inside a dark and mysterious cave below the mountains or in deep blue sea, yet it can also take you high up to the grey and dusty surface of the moon and the stars and galaxies beyond that, billions and trillions of kilometres without ever leaving town. Now this is the power of photography, this is inception.

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